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 Welcome to the Harley Dressers Touring Association. You are a member of the greatest group of people you will ever have the privilege of meeting. The purpose of the Association is to improve the image of motorcycling in the eyes of the general public. Our motto is: “Ride with Pride” This handbook will give you an insight into what goes on inside the Association. Please take the time to read this and when you come to your first rally you will have a good idea of what to expect. Our Constitution & By-Laws are published in this Handbook. The Association is not a club. It is a registered non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Trustees.


The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Association. A majority rules on issues concerning the Association. Decisions are based solely on what is best for the membership and the Association as a whole. The trustees hold meetings as needed.


Membership in the Association is on a yearly basis, your membership renewal is due May 31st each year. If you join after October 1st, your membership is good through the following year.

New Member & Renewal Fee Couple or Single, $35.00 (U.S. Funds)

American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)

Our Association is a chartered organization with the A.M.A. You do not have to be a member of A.M.A. to belong to the Association, or to attend the rallies. We, the trustees, support A.M.A. and what they do on behalf of all motorcyclists. We hope that you will join A.M.A.

Harley Dresser Friends Sunshine

Cards and/or fruit baskets are sent to members and their immediate family (i.e. husband, wife, son, daughter, father or mother) for illness, hospitalization, etc., or a death. We want our members to know we care and to comfort them when needed. Please let us know as soon as possible by email or phone or Facebook, Linda King.


The International (fall ) rally is hosted by the Trustees. The International rally is a five-day event, Monday thru Saturday with sign in Sunday afternoon. You will receive a rally flyer in the newsletter. If you plan on attending, please fill out the pre-registration form completely and enclose the proper amount of money (in U.S. Funds only) and mail to the address listed on the flyer before the cut-off date.

Note: It is better to pre-register for a rally than to wait past the cut-off date, however please call us if you decide late that you want to attend. If you cannot make a rally after you have pre-registered, notify the rally coordinators by phone either at their home or at the rally headquarters (hotel location of the rally). We need this information for the counts of the planned activities at the rally. You can add your guest’s info on your rally pre-registration forms.

Guests: Any member may bring a guest(s), but that guest will be charged the non-member rally fee per person as stated in the rally flyer. Note: guests cannot ride non FL series bikes during rally bike games or enter the bike show or parades.

Hotel Reservations: Members make their own hotel reservations. The hotel information is listed in the rally flyer. When making your reservation remember to mention that you are a member of “Harley Dressers Association” to ensure that you get the special rally rate.

Door Prizes: These are member or dealer contributions. Members can solicit door prizes from their dealer. Some members make or have door prizes made. Bring your door prizes to the sign-in room at the rally and leave them at the door prizes drop-off box.

You must wear your armband during the entire rally.

Armbands are hypoallergenic and is your admission to meals and other rally functions please wear them.

Name Tags: Please wear them at the rallies. It helps everyone to put a name to the face.

What to Wear: Anything you feel comfortable in. At the banquet you will see anything from jeans to dress up. Helmets & safe riding gear are highly recommended but not required in non-helmet States.

Special Diets: List required special diets on rally sign up sheet.

Group Rides The Association has rally ride leaders. While on a group ride the Safety Officer and rally ride leaders need your support. Please do what they ask of you. You will see the following on a rally schedule.

Line-up: This is the time you should put your motorcycle in line for group rides.

Drivers Meeting: This is a must at all group rides, and drivers and passengers must attend. At this time you will receive special instructions on the activities of the group ride. The Association always rides staggered formation with headlight on. Please stay with the group.

Departure Time: Everyone participating in the group ride must be on his/her motorcycle ready to leave at the designated time.

Newsletter: We publish the newsletter June and October.

Articles for sale or wanted: There is no charge for an ad placed by a member wishing to sell or buy something on the website or in the newsletter. Check with the newsletter editor for further information.

Articles: The editor always solicits articles for the newsletter. The editor also reserves the right to edit any articles sent in for publication.

Longevity: The Longevity certificates and pins are presented to any individual who has been a member of the Association for 5 years consecutively. These are presented at the International / Fall rally / Christmas Party or mailed. Eligible members receive a certificate and a pin denoting the number of years of participation in the Association. They are presented or sent to you in appreciation of your continuing support. Your name is also published in the newsletter in recognition of your achievement.

If you feel you should have received a certificate and pin, and for some reason you did not, please contact us.

Emergency Travel List: Dedicated to the deceased men and women of this Association. “Missed but not forgotten”

This is a member benefit and is specifically for Association members. A good place to carry it is in your tour pack. We have heard and published in the newsletter some wonderful stories of how members have helped each other through this list. Please bear in mind that you do not have to be a mechanic, etc. If you wish to be listed in the emergency travel list, fill out that section of your renewal form, if not, Check DO NOT LIST. Please remember, if your dues and updated renewal form is not in on time, or you do not fill out the emergency travel information, your name will be omitted from the travel list. Also, should you have a change of phone number, email or address, let us know.


*Revised January 2010

ARTICLE #1 – Amendment #3 – The disposition of the Association’s assets shall be made at the time of the Association’s dissolution in accordance with the laws in effect in the state where the corporate trustees reside. After all debts and expenses have been paid all remaining assets shall be donated to a qualified exempt organization under IRS code 1954 section 501 (c) (3) or future revised US Law. The membership shall have participation in selecting the recipients for the donations.

ARTICLE #2 – Amendment #3 – At any documented meeting of the Trustees (on-site, phone or internet) three trustees shall constitute a quorum and a majority of those present and voting shall determine the action of the Trustees, except that it shall require a unanimous vote of the trustees in the meeting to remove any Trustee or member of the Association. Trustees have the right to abstain from voting on an issue of conflicting interests.

ARTICLE #3 – Amendment #4 The Trustees shall designate a corporate director, a corporate secretary/treasurer and two on-site field operation Trustees. The Trustees shall not incur any indebtedness beyond the funds or assets actually in the treasury at the time. The Trustees may also appoint CPA’s, Agents, Attorneys and such other assistants they deem necessary. The Trustees may also appoint consulting advisors such as (Safety Officer, Ride Leaders, Rally Trustees, Sunshine Club) for the purpose of assisting in the performance of Association functions. These consulting advisors are non-voting positions and shall incur no legal liability in their capacity.

ARTICLE #4 – Amendment #1– Records of all Trustee meetings and updated Association records shall be kept.

ARTICLE #5 – Amendment #1– The Treasurer/Secretary shall receive and take care of the funds of the Association, collect the membership dues, make such payments as are approved by the Trustees, and render an account at the Annual Meeting and when requested by the Trustees.

ARTICLE #6 – Amendment #1– No Trustee shall receive any compensation except for legal expenses. Appointed agents or attorneys may be compensated, as the Trustees deem proper. Trustees also may be compensated for reasonable expenses incurred in performing association business. Individual Trustee expenses will be published with the annual financial report and available for member review at the annual membership meeting.

ARTICLE #7 – Trustees have the right to abstain from voting on an issue of conflicting interests

ARTICLE #8 – Amendment #2 – The term of service for a Trustee shall be until recalled by written vote of two – thirds of the membership. A Trustee recall or voluntary termination request must be submitted by letter to the corporate address. The remaining Trustees may appoint replacement trustees from interested applicants from the membership.

ARTICLE #9 – The Association shall consist of Couple and Single Membership.

ARTICLE #10 – The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any Trustee meeting provided that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given at two previous Trustee meetings.

ARTICLE #11 – Amendment #1– Trustee meetings shall be held at such times, places and in what forum the Trustees desire. The Annual Meeting shall be held at the International Rally.

ARTICLE #12 – Amendment #1– Hosting Fall Rallies is the responsibility of the membership. These rallIes are subject to guidelines set forth by the Trustees. At all Association functions, at least one Trustee or an appointed Consulting Advisor for the event shall be present.

ARTICLE #13 – Amendment #4 – Association Rallies and events are open to members and their guests riding non Harley-Davidson FL Series motorcycles. Non-FL series riders may not participate in Bike/Light Shows and Field Games. Member/co-member or guests riding non-FL series mororcycles are allowed to ride in Group Rides.


By-LAW #1 – Amendment #5 – The Association shall be non-sectarian and non-political, and its membership shall be open to all owners of fully dressed Harley-Davidson FL series motorcycles. The Dresser must not be chopped in any way and must be equipped with windshield, engine guard & saddlebags. Pre-FL series Harley-Davidson Dressers and Dressers converted to three wheelers shall be approved by the Trustees. The Trustees shall have the final decision on acceptance of any motorcycle into the Association, or as a rally participant.

BY-LAW #2 – Applications for membership should be accompanied by a picture of your FL series Dresser (if possible, include yourself). It may be used in the Association Newsletter, The Dresser News. All Dressers must meet state of legal resident requirements for owners’ state inspection.

BY-LAW #3 – Amendment #5 – The voting Trustees shall have general charge of the affairs of the Association and are the sole governing body of this Association. The Trustees shall consist of not less than four members. The Trustees are the Directors of this Corporation

BY-LAW #4 – It is understood by the membership that the Trustees are in no way responsible or liable for personal or property damage to any member or guest during any Association function. Motorcycle touring can be inherently dangerous, and those participating in any Association event do so at their own risk. It is understood by the membership that if the Association or any Trustee becomes the defendant in litigation and receives a successful decision, the plaintiff will be liable for costs incurred by the defendant. (The indemnification clause will be in effect.) The Trustees exercise the right to expel any member or guest for misconduct or unsafe motorcycling.

BY-LAW #5 – Amendment # 1 – The purpose of this Association is to promote a form of fellowship and a communication link among Harley-Davidson Dresser Enthusiasts, and to improve the general image of motorcycling to the general public through our rally’s/functions each year.

BY-LAW #6 – Amendment #1– A widow/former member widow may remain a non-dues paying member of the Association if they no longer own/ride an FL series motorcycle. A member/former member who no longer owns/rides an FL series motorcycle may remain a dues paying member.



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